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After having a conversation with a friend at work whose having a last-minute Christmas wedding outfit melt down I thought I’d share with you some of my top picks for Christmas wedding fashion.

Berry Tones

Wine, burgundy and purple colours are amazing for winter weddings and there are some great ones out there at the moment. Some of my faves are from ASOS, Oasis and for those of you looking for something a little more high-end The Outnet also has some amazing choices.

Oasis lauren dress

Dress from Oasis £75

iris and ink dress outnet

Iris and Ink dress from The Outnet £179.17

asos jacquard dress

True Decadence Jacquard dress available at ASOS £48

river island jumpsuit

Purple jumpsuit from River Island £48


Gold is one of my favourite colours to wear in winter, and a wedding is the perfect opportunity to get a bit decadent. My faves come from Topshop and Vivienne Westwood at The Outnet, who have some truly a-mazing dresses.

asos gold

ASOS petite gold dress £65

topshop gold

Topshop gold maxi dress by WYLDR £65

vivienne westwood gold 1

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD ANGLOMANIA metallic Jacquard dress available from The Outnet £222.91


AX Paris gold dress available from New Look £35


Although it’s unorthodox to wear black to a wedding, at Christmas is one time where I think it is acceptable especially if you dress it up with some faux fur and a statement necklace.

boohoo black dressing

Black off the shoulder dress Boohoo.com £12

topshop black sequin

Topshop black flocked sequin dress £68

river island black dress

River Island black fringed dress £38


Make sure you don’t forget about the extras that will give your outfit the final touches…just make sure you don’t upstage the bride!

missguided necklace

Missguided statement necklace £9.99

new look gold clutch

Gold box clutch from New Look £24.99

topshop necklace

Topshop statement necklace £25

Those are some of my favourite budget and more high-end picks, what are your thoughts?

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I had my work Christmas party on Friday, which I helped organise as part of my role on the department sports and social team and even if I am a little biased it was most definitely the Best Christmas Party EVER. So following on from that I thought I’d share with you some of my Christmas party essentials to keep in your handbag during the party season.

Christmas party essentials full bagThe Bag

At Christmas I love everything to be as sparkly as possible, so when I spotted this clutch in New Look the day before our party I had to snap it up. It’s a really good size to fit in all the products I insist on having with me on a night out and at only £19.99 it was also an absolute bargain! You can get it on the New Look website here.

Smelling Good

We have an afternoon lunch which lasts long into the night so I like to make sure I have perfume with me to top up throughout the day. I have a few favourites, but I always come back to Emporio Armani Diamonds at any time of the year because I just love it.

Looking Good – Hair

Christmas party essentials hair

When it’s the middle of winter, it’s always important to keep a few things in your bag to combat the potential wind and rain. A comb and a couple of bobby pins are always handy at any time but especially when it’s party season and you don’t want to rock up looking like you’ve been caught in a tsunami!

My picks of products are COLAB dry shampoo travel size in New York – see my review here and OSIS+ Dust It. The COLAB is a great addition to any handbag as you can use it throughout the night to refresh the look and texture of your hair, whilst the OSIS+ Dust It can then be used sparingly to give hair body and volume which is always a good thing if you’ve been caught in a downpour!

Looking Good – Make Up

Christmas party essentials make upPersonally I try not to take too much make up out with me, just a few essentials for touch ups. The one product I can never be without though is lip gloss or lip stick and normally I have both in similar colours. On Friday night I had Chanel Rouge Allure in Palpitante and Tanya Burr lipgloss in Vampire Kiss which are two of my faves that get a tonne of compliments whenever I wear them.

Also in my bag were a couple of face products, firstly Maybelline FIT concealer in shade 15 and secondly a face powder, as I do suffer from the curse of combination skin, and my go to is Boujois Healthy Balance in the shade 52 Vanille.

Christmas party essentials face powder


So there you have it, if you’re heading out in the next few weeks those are my Christmas party essentials – what are yours?

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Hey hey!

Today I’m going to do a review of COLAB dry shampoo which comes from awesome blogger and YouTuber Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends.

Having been a slave to the old faithful Batiste since around 2007 I was definitely intrigued when I heard about COLAB whilst watching a PixiWoo behind the scenes video on the campaign shoot fronted by Ruth herself. This innovation in dry shampoo comes in five ‘fragrances’ all named after cities; London, New York, Rio, Tokyo and Paris, and claims to have a ‘sheer and invisible’ formula meaning that unlike traditional dry shampoos it doesn’t leave the same chalky white residue on the hair.

Image courtesy of Ruth Crilly A Model Recommends

As I was in London recently I picked up Rio and New York during a ridiculously quick spree around Superdrug, which as far as I’m aware is the only shop you can currently get this product in and it’s around £3 for a large 200ml can and £2 for the smaller travel size 50ml can. You can also get COLAB dry shampoo on both the SuperDrug and Feel Unique websites, and at the moment Superdrug has 1/3 off but I don’t know how long that will last so get involved quickly if you want to get a couple of fab stocking fillers or even a Secret Santa present for any beauty freaks you know!

COLAB dry shampoo in Rio and New York

So that’s all the standard product info out of the way, so I’ll crack on with my review!

I’ve used loads of dry shampoo over the years and whilst I have tried a few different brands, I’ve always gone back to Batiste as I always found it was the best. Lately though I find it really drying on my hair, even though I don’t use a huge amount of product. I never feel like the chalky residue is fully absorbed but it does the job of getting rid of excess grease even if it then leaves my hair feeling a little powdery and dry – sad face emoji.

Enter COLAB dry shampoo, which I’ll state upfront, I have only been using for a few weeks but so far definitely so good. As promised, when sprayed onto the hair it is colourless, and as long as you rub it in immediately it stays that way. This is one thing I would just point out, for anyone who sprays dry shampoo on first then leaves it to absorb before you rub it in, if you do this with COLAB when you go back to it it will have turned white as with any standard dry shampoo, so make sure you rub it in straight away.

I’ve read other reviews that say it feels wet and makes hair greasier even with a small amount of product and I can see where the wetness comments come from but once you’ve rubbed it in and brushed it back out again then it’s done the job.

Fragrance-wise COLAB is 100% better smelling than Batiste, which I find sometimes smells quite chemically. As I said I only have Rio and New York, and my favourite is New York, which unfortunately I only bought as a 50ml handbag can, but am trying to get my hands on the larger can ASAP, as it’s got a lovely sweet, fruity smell which is totally different to any other dry shampoo I’ve smelt before and whilst I don’t have the others I’ve been told by friends that the rest of them smell just as good, but London seems to be up there as most peoples favourite.

I also can’t write a review without talking about the packaging, and in one word I’d sum it up as stylish, fabulous, striking, ok that’s not one word, but really I can’t pick one. As dry shampoo goes, the design of the cans are in keeping with the name of each fragrance and along with the bright colours alongside the silver and black, the cans just looks ridiculously chic for a product that sucks the grease out of your hair!

So there you have it, for me COLAB dry shampoo does exactly what it says on the tin so I’m sorry Batiste but there is definitely a new kid on the block whose come to steal your dry shampoo crown!

Have any of you guys tried COLAB? What did you think, which of the fragrances do you love?

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upcycling from this to thisAs I’ve said a few times here on my blog, I’ve just bought a house, I know, I know I’ve hardly mentioned it in my last few posts so incase you’ve missed it (I don’t know how you could’ve!) back in Feb this year I entered into a 30 year legally binding contract to buy a fabulous two bed, two bath house in my home island of Guernsey.

Now whilst actually buying the house is expensive enough, you then have to furnish it too and bearing in mind I’ve been living with my dear old mum since I came back from uni this basically meant refurbishing an entire house, again requiring a lot of monies.

My boyfriend and I are super lucky to have some amazing family and friends who have donated a load of stuff (thank you!) and one of the things we got given by my boyfriends grand parents was a dining table and chairs. Structurally there was nothing wrong with the table or any of the four chairs but unfortunately the general look of both didn’t really go with the rest of the decor in the lounge so I decided to see what upcycling them might look like.

If you’re considering starting an upcycling project then Pinterest and YouTube are your best friends. They have an amazing array of pics and videos to help get your creative juices flowing no matter what you’re looking to do.

I didn’t want to just paint the dining table but also reupholster the chairs, something my bf thought I was totally crazy for doing but I was determined to prove him wrong! Unfortunately all of the tutorials I watched on YouTube didn’t really show how to reupholster dining chairs like those we had so I set about instead getting some new (old) chairs to re-cover instead and this is where our local charity shops came in. For anyone reading this who lives in Guernsey the GO charity shop on The Bridge has a huge amount of tables and chairs in their basement and it was here that I picked up four chairs with the correct bases I was looking for for an absolute steal of £20 for the four!

upcycling chair - original chairThe chairs were pretty solid but as with most charity shop items smelled a little musty. As per my tutorials watched on YouTube, I removed the seat covers from the base which was easy to do as you can see below there were little twisty bits on the wood holding the seat and wood together. As these were pretty ancient I couldn’t actually get the old fabric off, so whilst I worked on painting the wood I covered the seats in Febreze and left them out in the sunshine to absorb the febreezy goodness.

upcycling the underneath of the chair

upcycling seat removalAs you can see from the photo above I made sure to put dust sheets and plenty of cardboard down as this can get pretty messy!

So now onto the fun part – painting!

I did a fair bit of research before starting this upcycling project and settled on using Annie Sloan chalk paint in the colour Old White, mainly because I’m lazy and the fab thing about chalk paint is that you don’t have to prep the surface before you paint it.

A word of advice here is that although you don’t have to prep the surfaces I would at the very least clean the wood with a damp cloth, especially if you’ve bought charity shop chairs because you don’t know how long they’ve been there and how dirty they actually are! I should say here that there are plenty of other chalk paint brands out there but I’d heard great things about Annie Sloan and also knew there was a local stockist here on an island where the options are fairly limited so I stuck with the one I thought was the best and easiest to get hold of. Brush wise I just used bog standard paint brushes from B&Q instead of the Annie Sloan ones, and whilst I think these did an ok job I think that using the proper brushes might have given a better finish.

upcycling first coat paintThis photo was taken after one coat of paint, and I don’t think the coverage is too bad if you were going for that shabby chic look, however I wanted a solid white finish so did 2-3 layers in the end which took about two days to do over the weekend in between wandering off and dancing around to Kiss FM.

Once the wood was painted, it was time for the part I’d really been waiting for – upholstering the seats. I had ordered some fabric off Ebay which had a sort of vintage postmark design to it for about £15 – bargain, especially when you consider I accidentally bought enough fabric to cover about 10 chairs! Whoopsie. So yes be sure to measure up your seats properly – this means taking the actual measurements of the seat and adding on about 3-5cm to each side to allow for covering the sides of the seat.

I’m so sorry but I was lost in a world of staple gun loving when I did the cushions that I totally forgot to take any photos of this part but safe to say if I can do it anyone can. One more tip here is to not be afraid to use brutal force, staple guns are easy to use but do require substantial force to actually ‘pull the trigger’.

Once I’d recovered all four of the seats it was simply a case of putting them back into the bases and re-twisting the twisty bits on the bottom to keep them in place – voila!

upcycling finished

upcycling finished 2So that’s it, the finished chairs! Even if I do say so myself I was so pleased with the results and was super proud of myself for actually finishing what I’d started out to do and although I haven’t yet undertaken any other upcycling projects I know this won’t be my last.

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Just a quick post to share with you some nails that I did that were ridiculously simple but that gave a really cute finish. For these nails I used two coats of Barry M Gelly nail paint in Prickly Pear. I really love the whole Barry M Gelly range as they’re so cheap but are fairly hard wearing and give a really high shine finish. On the tips of my nails I used L’Oreal Top Coat Confettis in colour 916, which again are a great price at around £5 and are a really quick and easy way to make your nails look really pretty.

Nail art polishes Loreal and Barry M

So here is the finished look! Unfortunately I was running a bit late and smudged them whilst having to get changed to go out, but you can still see the effect. Nail art finalWhat do you guys think? Have any of you used the Barry M or Loreal nail polishes, do you like them? I’d love to hear what you think or see any other nail art you’ve done with the Loreal Top Coat Confettis!

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Something that I’m loving at the moment is lips! Lip glosses, lip sticks, lip tints you name it I’ve tried it, and because of this I’ve also been making sure I keep my lips in tip-top condition. In the summer I know it’s not quite so important, but in preparation for the colder autumn and winter months I thought I’d share with you my homemade lip scrub which is super easy to make and is a really quick and simple way to exfoliate your lips.

What you’ll need

Homemade lip scrub ingredients

Olive oil – we use this to nourish the lips and whilst I used a mid range olive oil that I had in the cupboard, I’m sure any other oil will work just as well

Sugar – I used bog standard white sugar that you’d put in your tea! You can use other sugars, just remember the more coarse the sugar the more coarse the lip scrub will be

Honey – this gives a nice sweetness to the lip scrub and also helps to hold the oil and sugar together a little more

You will also need a small bowl and teaspoon to mix everything together and then a small pot/jar to keep the lip scrub in once it’s made.

Homemade lip scrub utensils

How to make your lip scrub

This will all depend on the size of pot you’re going to put the finished product in but for me I started by putting about 2 tablespoons of sugar into the bowl, before adding in 1 teaspoon of honey.

Homemade lip scrub sugar and honey mixture

Next you can add in 1 tablespoon of olive oil Homemade lip scrub sugar, honey and olive oil mixture

Then mix it all together into a goopy pasteMixing together homemade lip scrub ingredients

Once it’s all been throughly mixed in you can put it into your pot and you’re done!Final homemade lip scrub


To use your homemade lip scrub just scrape a little out using your finger and rub it onto your lips in circular motions, you should then leave it on your lips for a few minutes before washing off with a warm flannel or muslin cloth. I would recommend doing this when you’re home alone or in the comfort of a locked bathroom as you definitely end up looking a little crazy with this weird sugar mix all over your face!

Depending on how sensitive your lips are I would say it’s best to do this once a week to keep your lips looking and feeling fab!

It’s best to store your lip scrub in the fridge once it’s made and don’t worry if the oil separates a little from the sugar and honey mixture, just give it a little stir with your finger or a spoon to combine it all again and it’s good to go!

Have you ever tried making a homemade lip scrub? If you try making this at home I’d love to know so leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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Hello everyone and welcome to the brand new home of Prints and Postcards!

It has been a while since I last posted over on WordPress.com as I’ve been busy buying my first house which has been super exciting and is definitely one of my biggest achievements this year. Unfortunately it’s meant that blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat. But I’m back now with a new home and am ready and raring to get going again!

So welcome, welcome one and all!

Much love

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I know the resolutions posts are doing the rounds at the moment, and I wanted to add mine to it to make my promises more concrete. This year I didn’t want to go for the obligatory ‘get fit’ or ‘lose weight’ and wanted to think a bit more about what I could really stick to, and would make the best year.

2014 new year resolutions

1. Learn Photoshop

Last year I got Photoshop, and whilst I can use it for the basics I’d like to be able to use it properly for more complex editing so will be enlisting the help of a friend at work to teach me all the tips and tricks!

2. Make more time for blogging

Over the past few months the blog has unfortunately taken a bit of a back seat as things like holidays, sickness and a lot of things going on at work have meant that I’ve really struggled to find the time or motivation to get up quality posts. So in 2014 I want to get back my blogging mojo and make sure I really try to make time and put in the effort to make the blog the best it can be!

3. Always try to have a positive outlook

It’s fair to say 2013 had its ups and downs, and in general I’d say it was a pretty crappy year. So in 2014 I want to banish the negative and focus on the good things in my life and do less moaning!!

4. Make 2014 the best year it can be & 5. Be Happy!

Along the same lines as resolution number 3, I want to go full steam ahead in 2014 and make sure that when it gets to Dec 31st 2014 I can look back and think what a great year it’s been!

So that’s mine in a nutshell, link me some of your resolution posts below I’d love to know what your goals are for 2014!


I know there are a few of these posts around at the moment, but it’s Christmas and I’m constantly being asked by those around me what I’d like for the big day. So for anyone asking, here’s some of my top choices!

asos cat watchAsos cat ears watch £25

asos kors dupe

Asos Michael Kors dupe £22

new look necklace

Gold tassle necklace New Look £6.99

elephant coin necklace

Elephant coin necklace Asos £12

nail art brushes

Nail art brush kit from Topshop £10

evoke mio radio

Pure Evoke Mio DAB digital radio in Seagrass


Remington AC9096 silk hairdryer approx £30 from Boots

phone case

Marimekko Unikko iPhone 4 case £34

tess gerritsen body double tess gerritsen vanish

Tess Gerritsen novels – part of the Rizzoli & Isles series

nail rock nail wraps

Nail Rock red and gold metallic moon nail wraps approx £6


You look lovely today canvas pouch £18

flake away

Soap & Glory Flake Away body exfoliator £7.50


This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly candle £25 and the rest of the Deep Sleep range 

mulberry primrose

Mulberry Primrose – well a girl can try!

So that’s what I’ll be having my fingers crossed for in just over a weeks time, what are you hoping to find under your Christmas tree?


It’s not very often that invites like ‘who wants to come and see Glamour editor Jo Elvin speak at a women’s lunch event?’ pop into my inbox, so when this one got circulated by one of the girls at work I immediately jumped at the chance to attend.

‘Women at One’ is a lunch series which enables the women of Guernsey to get together to socialise and network over some lunch, whilst also listening to the inspiring stores of guest speakers from around the UK including magazine editors, CEOs and founders of women’s Leadership Academies.


All photos from Women at One Facebook page

The November lunch was particularly popular as it was hosted by long-running editor of Glamour Magazine, Jo Elvin. Now whilst I am not an avid Glamour reader, I thought this would still be a fantastic chance to hear first hand how someone like Jo got to where she is today and what pearls of wisdom she had to bestow upon the rest of us (I also wanted to hear if she had any embarrassing celeb stories, which she definitely did!).


Australian-born Elvin started her magazine career doing work experience at girls magazine Dolly, where was offered a full time job before moving to the slightly older Cleo. As well as working in magazines Elvin also had a brief stint as an Aussie cliche (her words, not mine!) when she worked as a publicist on Neighbours, and no, not during the Jason and Kylie years. She then took the huge decision to move to the UK with dreams of making it big in the UK magazine industry.

Dolly-Mag-June-July-2010-coverBeyoncé appears on the cover of Australia's Cleo magazine

As careers go, Elvin’s has been one of working incredibly hard, always using her initiative and putting everything into every job she’s undertaken, including taking the several knock backs she encountered on arriving in the UK. In fact she recalled a story of sitting in a greasy spoon in Notting Hill back in the early nineties and thinking it was maybe time to cut her losses and go back to Australia and even seeing a Quantas plane flying overhead – surely an even bigger sign?! It was at this low point that she was offered a job at Sugar magazine, and has since gone from strength to strength having been editor of women’s magazine Glamour, which she describes as being ‘glossy with grit‘, for over a decade.

jlaw coverAttributing her success to her Aussie determination and never wanting to give up, some of the highlights of her career include drinking a Vodka and tonic with Tony Blair on board a private plane and being papped with Terri Hatcher in the Hollywood Hills. But the life of a magazine isn’t all glitz and glamour as Jo also recalled a time at an awards ceremony when she was drafted in to hold up a certain female celebs dress whilst she went to the loo as it was so tight she couldn’t do it herself!


So what’s her advice for a successful career? Firstly she advocates internships, but more to demonstrate the hard work you’re willing to put in, and if you’re looking to get into fashion that doesn’t mean only interning at fashion magazines. All experience counts, and in fact one of the current Glamour staff had never worked on a fashion magazine when she applied and was working on a car magazine, but the fact that she has immersed herself so fully into the world of cars really impressed Jo who decided to give her a chance, which she says absolutely paid off.

My personal favourite piece of advice Jo gave was straight to the point – ‘say yes and then figure it out later.’

Unfortunately we had a meeting to get back to at work so were unable to stay for questions after lunch which was pretty disappointing as I had wanted to find out Jo’s opinions on bloggers and whether they’re having a positive or negative effect on the magazine industry. But we did have just enough time to scoff the amazing cheesecake that came for dessert, although I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t have eaten the whole thing so quickly as I felt super sick on the drive back to the office!


All in all though this was a great event, Jo was incredibly warm and funny and although I’m sure she’s a totally formidable woman in the office her career stories and advice helped many of us around the table to understand the most important areas to focus on to really impress the people around you to drive your career forward.

Thanks to Jo and the organisers of Women at One for such a great afternoon out with the girls!