Homemade lip scrub


Something that I’m loving at the moment is lips! Lip glosses, lip sticks, lip tints you name it I’ve tried it, and because of this I’ve also been making sure I keep my lips in tip-top condition. In the summer I know it’s not quite so important, but in preparation for the colder autumn and winter months I thought I’d share with you my homemade lip scrub which is super easy to make and is a really quick and simple way to exfoliate your lips.

What you’ll need

Homemade lip scrub ingredients

Olive oil – we use this to nourish the lips and whilst I used a mid range olive oil that I had in the cupboard, I’m sure any other oil will work just as well

Sugar – I used bog standard white sugar that you’d put in your tea! You can use other sugars, just remember the more coarse the sugar the more coarse the lip scrub will be

Honey – this gives a nice sweetness to the lip scrub and also helps to hold the oil and sugar together a little more

You will also need a small bowl and teaspoon to mix everything together and then a small pot/jar to keep the lip scrub in once it’s made.

Homemade lip scrub utensils

How to make your lip scrub

This will all depend on the size of pot you’re going to put the finished product in but for me I started by putting about 2 tablespoons of sugar into the bowl, before adding in 1 teaspoon of honey.

Homemade lip scrub sugar and honey mixture

Next you can add in 1 tablespoon of olive oil Homemade lip scrub sugar, honey and olive oil mixture

Then mix it all together into a goopy pasteMixing together homemade lip scrub ingredients

Once it’s all been throughly mixed in you can put it into your pot and you’re done!Final homemade lip scrub


To use your homemade lip scrub just scrape a little out using your finger and rub it onto your lips in circular motions, you should then leave it on your lips for a few minutes before washing off with a warm flannel or muslin cloth. I would recommend doing this when you’re home alone or in the comfort of a locked bathroom as you definitely end up looking a little crazy with this weird sugar mix all over your face!

Depending on how sensitive your lips are I would say it’s best to do this once a week to keep your lips looking and feeling fab!

It’s best to store your lip scrub in the fridge once it’s made and don’t worry if the oil separates a little from the sugar and honey mixture, just give it a little stir with your finger or a spoon to combine it all again and it’s good to go!

Have you ever tried making a homemade lip scrub? If you try making this at home I’d love to know so leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.

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