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Today I’m going to do a review of COLAB dry shampoo which comes from awesome blogger and YouTuber Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends.

Having been a slave to the old faithful Batiste since around 2007 I was definitely intrigued when I heard about COLAB whilst watching a PixiWoo behind the scenes video on the campaign shoot fronted by Ruth herself. This innovation in dry shampoo comes in five ‘fragrances’ all named after cities; London, New York, Rio, Tokyo and Paris, and claims to have a ‘sheer and invisible’ formula meaning that unlike traditional dry shampoos it doesn’t leave the same chalky white residue on the hair.

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As I was in London recently I picked up Rio and New York during a ridiculously quick spree around Superdrug, which as far as I’m aware is the only shop you can currently get this product in and it’s around £3 for a large 200ml can and £2 for the smaller travel size 50ml can. You can also get COLAB dry shampoo on both the SuperDrug and Feel Unique websites, and at the moment Superdrug has 1/3 off but I don’t know how long that will last so get involved quickly if you want to get a couple of fab stocking fillers or even a Secret Santa present for any beauty freaks you know!

COLAB dry shampoo in Rio and New York

So that’s all the standard product info out of the way, so I’ll crack on with my review!

I’ve used loads of dry shampoo over the years and whilst I have tried a few different brands, I’ve always gone back to Batiste as I always found it was the best. Lately though I find it really drying on my hair, even though I don’t use a huge amount of product. I never feel like the chalky residue is fully absorbed but it does the job of getting rid of excess grease even if it then leaves my hair feeling a little powdery and dry – sad face emoji.

Enter COLAB dry shampoo, which I’ll state upfront, I have only been using for a few weeks but so far definitely so good. As promised, when sprayed onto the hair it is colourless, and as long as you rub it in immediately it stays that way. This is one thing I would just point out, for anyone who sprays dry shampoo on first then leaves it to absorb before you rub it in, if you do this with COLAB when you go back to it it will have turned white as with any standard dry shampoo, so make sure you rub it in straight away.

I’ve read other reviews that say it feels wet and makes hair greasier even with a small amount of product and I can see where the wetness comments come from but once you’ve rubbed it in and brushed it back out again then it’s done the job.

Fragrance-wise COLAB is 100% better smelling than Batiste, which I find sometimes smells quite chemically. As I said I only have Rio and New York, and my favourite is New York, which unfortunately I only bought as a 50ml handbag can, but am trying to get my hands on the larger can ASAP, as it’s got a lovely sweet, fruity smell which is totally different to any other dry shampoo I’ve smelt before and whilst I don’t have the others I’ve been told by friends that the rest of them smell just as good, but London seems to be up there as most peoples favourite.

I also can’t write a review without talking about the packaging, and in one word I’d sum it up as stylish, fabulous, striking, ok that’s not one word, but really I can’t pick one. As dry shampoo goes, the design of the cans are in keeping with the name of each fragrance and along with the bright colours alongside the silver and black, the cans just looks ridiculously chic for a product that sucks the grease out of your hair!

So there you have it, for me COLAB dry shampoo does exactly what it says on the tin so I’m sorry Batiste but there is definitely a new kid on the block whose come to steal your dry shampoo crown!

Have any of you guys tried COLAB? What did you think, which of the fragrances do you love?

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