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Today I’m going to do a review of COLAB dry shampoo which comes from awesome blogger and YouTuber Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends.

Having been a slave to the old faithful Batiste since around 2007 I was definitely intrigued when I heard about COLAB whilst watching a PixiWoo behind the scenes video on the campaign shoot fronted by Ruth herself. This innovation in dry shampoo comes in five ‘fragrances’ all named after cities; London, New York, Rio, Tokyo and Paris, and claims to have a ‘sheer and invisible’ formula meaning that unlike traditional dry shampoos it doesn’t leave the same chalky white residue on the hair.

Image courtesy of Ruth Crilly A Model Recommends

As I was in London recently I picked up Rio and New York during a ridiculously quick spree around Superdrug, which as far as I’m aware is the only shop you can currently get this product in and it’s around £3 for a large 200ml can and £2 for the smaller travel size 50ml can. You can also get COLAB dry shampoo on both the SuperDrug and Feel Unique websites, and at the moment Superdrug has 1/3 off but I don’t know how long that will last so get involved quickly if you want to get a couple of fab stocking fillers or even a Secret Santa present for any beauty freaks you know!

COLAB dry shampoo in Rio and New York

So that’s all the standard product info out of the way, so I’ll crack on with my review!

I’ve used loads of dry shampoo over the years and whilst I have tried a few different brands, I’ve always gone back to Batiste as I always found it was the best. Lately though I find it really drying on my hair, even though I don’t use a huge amount of product. I never feel like the chalky residue is fully absorbed but it does the job of getting rid of excess grease even if it then leaves my hair feeling a little powdery and dry – sad face emoji.

Enter COLAB dry shampoo, which I’ll state upfront, I have only been using for a few weeks but so far definitely so good. As promised, when sprayed onto the hair it is colourless, and as long as you rub it in immediately it stays that way. This is one thing I would just point out, for anyone who sprays dry shampoo on first then leaves it to absorb before you rub it in, if you do this with COLAB when you go back to it it will have turned white as with any standard dry shampoo, so make sure you rub it in straight away.

I’ve read other reviews that say it feels wet and makes hair greasier even with a small amount of product and I can see where the wetness comments come from but once you’ve rubbed it in and brushed it back out again then it’s done the job.

Fragrance-wise COLAB is 100% better smelling than Batiste, which I find sometimes smells quite chemically. As I said I only have Rio and New York, and my favourite is New York, which unfortunately I only bought as a 50ml handbag can, but am trying to get my hands on the larger can ASAP, as it’s got a lovely sweet, fruity smell which is totally different to any other dry shampoo I’ve smelt before and whilst I don’t have the others I’ve been told by friends that the rest of them smell just as good, but London seems to be up there as most peoples favourite.

I also can’t write a review without talking about the packaging, and in one word I’d sum it up as stylish, fabulous, striking, ok that’s not one word, but really I can’t pick one. As dry shampoo goes, the design of the cans are in keeping with the name of each fragrance and along with the bright colours alongside the silver and black, the cans just looks ridiculously chic for a product that sucks the grease out of your hair!

So there you have it, for me COLAB dry shampoo does exactly what it says on the tin so I’m sorry Batiste but there is definitely a new kid on the block whose come to steal your dry shampoo crown!

Have any of you guys tried COLAB? What did you think, which of the fragrances do you love?

Sign off v2-chicandmodern

Hey everyone!

Some of you may know that back in March my big sis and I headed to Liverpool to see Derren Brown live as part of his Infamous tour, but what you won’t be aware of is that at the same time we were also supposed to go and see Jesus Christ Superstar in Birmingham as part of its second tour of the UK. Unfortunately due to the demands of other countries also wanting to see it, the UK leg was actually postponed until October. After some initial disappointments and having to move flight and hotel bookings and even forking out for a second flight all travel pains had been sorted and we just had to sit back and wait the six months for the show to come back to the UK.

As my sis and I are both fans of Tim Minchin in particular (my sister massively so!), our mum had bought us the tickets for Christmas (thanks mum!) so safe to say when we boarded the plane to fly to Manchester at 7am last Thursday morning we were both pretty excited about what lay ahead.

me and em

Me and the sis – excited in the lift shot!

When we finally got into the arena, we found our seats just 9 rows back in row J and I crossed my fingers that at 5ft 4 no one tall would come and sit in front of me. Unfortunately I was not this lucky and of course the one tall guy in the whole of our section came and sat smack bang in front of little ol’ me. But fear not, because the staging itself is very well designed for the perils of flat floored arenas and is actually one entire staircase meaning that a lot of the action goes on higher than eye level so thankfully I only had to spend about 15% of the show bobbing my head around Gigantor. So thanks to the stage designer for sorting that out for me! The use of the large video screen at the top of the stairs not only aided in my being able to see what was going on but also played a pivotal role not only in scene setting and story telling but also served as a stunning backdrop to bring the whole show together.


So onto the show itself, having had little knowledge about the story or the songs, I had no preconceptions of what to expect but can honestly say that the show did not disappoint. As some of you may know the cast is a pretty stellar line up with Tim Minchin playing Judas Iscariot, Melanie C as Mary Magdelane, Chris Moyles as King Herod and finally the winner of ITV’s Superstar Ben Forster in the title role of Jesus.

For me, there were a couple of issues I had mainly due to the music being incredibly loud which sometimes made it hard to hear the cast, which as I didn’t know the story made it difficult to understand what was going on because there is no talking in this at all, so if I couldn’t hear the lyrics I didn’t get the story. Thankfully my sis explained to me some of the bits I’d missed during the interval and the second half was much better, however there was one particular moment where a guitarist comes onto stage with Judas which was ear-burstingly loud and unfortunately lost some of the poignancy of the moment.

My stand out songs were Herod’s Song which is Chris Moyles’ one and only performance, but to say he’s in it for such a short amount of time he really provides the comic relief that is needed in such a generally harrowing story, plus who knew he could even sing?!


Oh heeeeey Chris Moyles – couldn’t stop myself from pulling a Miley!

There were also a number of heart wrenching moments in the second half from Judas’ inner torment at having betrayed his friend, culminating in his eventual suicide which was all done in silhouette to stunning effect to the moments following the crucifixion when the key characters rallied around the body of Jesus in complete silence whilst thousands of rose petals fell from the ceiling. This very nearly had me in tears but somehow I managed to keep myself in check! Kudos to Tim Minchin who arguably had the hardest songs to sing but carried the role incredibly well and has definitely made me to want to go and see him live again – come back to the UK with a new tour soon Tim!

But the most spellbinding performance of the night has to go to Jesus himself. Ben Forster’s performance of Gethsemane was nothing short of stunning. For anyone who has never heard the song, Google it, it has some seriously high notes in it which lets face it men should not be able to hit and only dogs should be able to hear. But that aside Ben performed this song beautifully, completely getting across all the emotion that a song like this demands.

One final mention must go to Melanie C whose character Mary Magdelene managed to do an excellent job of removing Jesus’ shoes whilst making it look like something entirely different *ahem* – think back to the different levels of the staging and imagine her directly in front of Jesus but slightly lower down and I think you’ll get the picture….


The cast doing the encore at the end of the show

So that’s all folks, my whistle-stop tour of Jesus Christ Superstar. For any theatre fans out there who don’t live in London but want a great night of entertainment, show stopping performances and a Chris Moyles/Jeremy Kyle hybrid then this is definitely the show for you! There are still limited tickets available, so if you haven’t got any yet, what are you waiting for?!


The Show Programme

Have any of you been to see the show? What did you think?


Hello to all my lovely blog readers!

Firstly sorry I’ve been AWOL of late I’ve started a health kick which has been putting me at the gym most nights for the past few weeks and when I haven’t been there I’ve been beavering away on my CAM diploma in Digital Marketing. But having handed it in today (yay!) I can get back into the lovely world of Prints and Postcards. So thanks for bearing with me, hopefully I won’t disappear again for a while!

So onto my latest review, which during these ridiculous hot/cold, is it sunny, is it rainy conditions have become somewhat of a lifesaver. They are the usually somewhat overlook beauty staple, oil blotting papers.

I am one of the chosen people blessed with combination/oily skin, particularly around my T-zone, which means that in summer especially I go from matte to melted in zero seconds flat. My current skin routine includes using Garnier Moisture Match which seems to be helping but it definitely does not keep pesky shine away all day. Which is where the oil blotting sheets come into play.

I’ve been looking for blotting sheets for a while and struggled with the delivery of them from a number of websites which mainly seemed to be in the US and for any UK sites they wouldn’t deliver to the Channel Islands (annoying!). So eventually I thought I’d see if Amazon could help me with my predicament and to my glee they had a number of different options available. Having read a few reviews I decided on Grace Your Face which were £4.99 for a pack of 60 sheets.

oil blotting papers

A few days later they turned up and I’ve been using them now for a couple of weeks, and in general I’d say these do a pretty good job. The sheets themselves are quite small about 6cm high x 4cm wide and are also relatively thin, I personally have only ripped one sheet in about 15 but I can see how it’s easily done. I use them by ‘wiping’ them across my face and when you look back at the sheet you can see the oil that’s been absorbed and my face definitely looks less shiny – thumbs up so far! Although if you have particularly oily skin or it’s a really hot day (like it is most days at the moment!) for the best result I would recommend using two sheets just to be on the safe side.

oil blotting 2

My only negative about these sheets really is that once used there seems be a slight oily sheen left on my fingers so they’re not great for on the go touch ups as you then need something to wipe your hands on or wash them just to make sure you don’t end up touching your face and making yourself more oily again!

So that’s my thoughts on oil blotting papers, have you ever used them? What did you think, do you have any favourite brands?


As you may know, I’ve recently been in London and whilst on the hunt for some evening entertainment I came across the latest Roald Dahl story to be turned into a West End extravaganza, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory live at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.


As the show was still in previews when we went it was fairly easy to get tickets even just a few days before the event. When going to West End musicals we always try to sit in the stalls, and managed to get tickets in row O which was just over half way back in the auditorium. For any of you long-legged lovelies out there be warned the seats in this theatre are very close together so you don’t get much leg room but for shorties like me I was perfectly fine (although I was wishing and praying that no tall folk sat in front of me and thankfully the theatre gods answered my prayers!).


So onto the show itself, written and directed by David Greig and Sam Mendes it stays true to the traditional Roald Dahl story and amongst a largely unknown cast it also stars Young Ones actor Nigel Planner as everyone’s favourite all singing, all dancing granddad, Grandpa Joe. As it was in preview there were some teething problems, mainly with some of the sound which at times meant that the orchestra were so loud it was difficult to hear or understand some of the singing. Some of the songs were also incredibly quick, which I imagine were very difficult for the cast to sing and get very good diction, but again this unfortunately made it quite tricky to get what the message of the story was in a handful of songs. Although that being sad this was definitely in the minority of songs, and the rest were pretty awesome.

Apart from that the set and scenery were to be honest nothing short of extraordinary. The world of Willy Wonka is well-known as being totally out of this world, and how Greig and Mendes managed to translate this into a stage production was amazing. My personal favourite parts of the set were the chocolate river, the robots who create Violet Beauregard’s three course dinner chewing gum and finally the giant TV set that’s used to show each of the other four children who win the Golden Tickets (trust me, if you see this production live I’m sure you’ll be amazed by it too!).


Throughout the first month of previews the cast and crew have been continually refining the show, which has now finally opened to a star-studded audience including SJP and Uma Thurman. Personally I haven’t read any of the critics reviews on the show, but as an avid theatre-goer I would whole-heartedly recommend this show to anyone who wants to be transported to a world of wonderful creations and if you have children old enough to sit through a full length show like this, then this is the show for you and them. It’s funny, energetic, inventive and undoubtedly a world of pure imagination.

Have any of you been to see this show? What did you think?


Don’t forget there’s just over a week left to vote me for Best Newcomer at the Posh Fashion Awards!

After finishing work last Friday it was a mad dash to get home, showered and back down to the harbour where our boat over to the glorious island of Herm was awaiting. Along with eight other girls from work we decided to give the boys a run for their money and head over to the Herm Island 2013 Real Ale and Cider Festival.

Showcasing real ales, craft lagers and ciders from around the Channel Islands and UK, the week-long festival was an extravaganza attracting hundreds of Guernsey locals over to its sister island Herm.

DSC_0539 copyThe view of Guernsey looking back across the water from Herm

We headed over with what seemed like most of the island, as the boat was jam-packed, and 20 minutes later were in Herm. I had never been to the festival before so I had no preconceptions about what to expect, but when we had to queue for 15 minutes to even get in I knew this was going to be something pretty special.

Entry to the festival is free, but you can pay £5 for a souvenir glass, which must be bought if you’re drinking beer or cider as they won’t give you a glass at the bar, and a programme, which features information about each of the ales and ciders on offer. For a further £10 you buy 20 tokens which can then be used to purchase your drinks at a cost of 4 tokens for each drink.


Some of the ciders on offer – the strongest quickly ran out (make of that what you will!)

I thought that all of the costs were ok so far, but I must say that the cost of food did seem somewhat pricey. It was £10 for a plate and you could then choose from three food options; paella (I don’t like fish), some sort of pork dish (I don’t like pork) and veggie chilli (the only option for me), which was actually pretty nice alongside a couple of pitta breads. Admittedly it was all you can eat, but as I only liked one of the three choices I only went up once, so £10 did seem a little steep.

So onto the actual drinks, I started with Westons Twist Raspberry, which at only 4% was one of the weaker ciders on offer. Described in the programme as a ‘light, fresh and fruity sensation’ my first drink tasted just like raspberry juice and went down a little too well! For my next cider I wanted to go for something a bit more out there so chose one called Fiery Fox, which at 6.5% was somewhat stronger than the first cider but was one of the only strong ciders left on offer (most were gone by the time we arrived at 7.30pm!). This Welsh cider is described as having a ‘smooth balanced flavour that has a fresh, crisp sharpness’ and whilst this went down equally as well as the Westons, for me the taste wasn’t quite as nice. After my first two, I wanted to continue trying new ciders but many had began to run out and whilst I tried one more, whose name escapes me, it tasted quite vinegary and wasn’t really for me. The Westons was definitely my favourite, so I decided to stick with that for my last couple of drinks.


My half of Fiery Fox

As well as the ales, lagers and ciders there was also a Champagne and wine bar which some of the girls decided to frequent instead. The Space Pirates of Rocquaine provided the entertainment with a collection of folk and rock songs, which the crowd certainly seemed to enjoy especially a hen party dressed as pirates with their Jack Sparrow look-a-like guest of honour, who were dancing away long into the night.


The crowd at the Herm Real Ale and Cider Festival

Outfit-wise as I knew it was likely to get a little chilly I plumped for my George at Asda jumper and jewel print trousers from Asos, teamed with a black lace top from New Look and Khaki coat from Dorothy Perkins. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos but will definitely try to remember next time!

At 10.30 we wondered back down to the harbour to jump on the boat back to Guernsey, and on the way reminisced about what a great night had been had by all. Overall, I would highly recommend the Herm Real Ale and Cider Festival to anyone who wants to have a chilled out, laid back evening listening to music and trying out new drinks with friends. Just make sure you take plenty of cash as there are no machines on the island and you’ll definitely need them! Oh and remember you’ve got to get a boat home at the end of the night, so it’s probably best if you don’t try all the ales and ciders!


I have to be honest, until I was given a couple of bits of Kiko make up at Christmas I had never actually heard of this Italian brand. But having checked out their website they seem to offer absolutely loads of cosmetics including make up, skin care products and even things like tweezers and make up brushes all for incredibly reasonable prices.

As part of my Christmas stash I received 2 nail polishes and an eye shadow palette, but up until now I had yet to try either of the nail polishes. As some of my regular readers will now I’m somewhat of a newbie in the world of nail art, so the gift of Kiko’s Rock-top nail lacquer is perfect for me as it’s a crackle nail polish. This means it’s somewhere in the middle of creating something myself and having a product that does all the hard work for you.

Firstly I applied OPI Start to Finish as my base coat, before using one fairly thick coat of Boots 17 Fast Finish varnish in True Blue. After this initial coat had dried, I then applied one coat of Kiko Rock-top nail lacquer in number 8 (I think that’s what number it is, I can’t find any other indication of the name or number of this varnish!), again I applied this fairly thickly and I also tried to do it pretty quickly as the effect of the ‘crackle’ happens almost instantly. Once left to dry I then applied a top coat of OPI Rapid Dry to reduce the possibility of any chipping.kiko nail polishes copyBefore I applied this product I did watch a couple of videos on YouTube as I wasn’t 100% sure what I was doing with it and there is very little information on the bottle itself. I also noticed in most YouTube tutorials or Google image searches that most people used a lighter base coat, which slightly worried me as I wasn’t at home and had already selected a dark blue colour as my base, however I think that as long as the base coat and Rock-top colour work together you will still get a nice effect.

On the whole I think this is a very good product as it dries quickly and the final effect was really nice with minimal effort on my part! The brush was very thin but the consistency of the lacquer was thick enough that you could take the brush straight out of the bottle and apply the Rock-top in one coat, although it did put me off a little how quickly it started to react because having to apply two or three strokes to cover one nail I was worried applying multiple layers would compromise the final effect, but thankfully it didn’t. The one thing I would point out is that the final colour on my nails is not as bright as the colour looks in the bottle, although this could be because I used a darker base colour, so I would just be aware of that when choosing your base. kiko nail polishes 2 copyHaving looked at their website, there is only one colour currently available to buy here, which is likely to be because they have a sale on which means that there is a 79% discount on the product making it just £1! Definitely a bargain worth trying in my opinion, especially in the run up to the summer as I think the bright orange colour will look really great when used with a gold or silver base.

So all in all I was really pleased with the final effect of this crackle nail varnish, and have so far had some great comments from friends asking how I did it so for me that’s the ultimate seal of approval!

Have you used any other crackle nail polishes, what did you think? Are you a fan?


I’ve been a fan of Nails Inc since I got given the metallics set a few Christmases ago, despite being slightly pricey I think they’re  worth the money as the coverage is generally very good and the array of colours is fantastic.

Whilst in Liverpool last week to see Derren Brown live I had a John Lewis voucher to spend and my go to was Nails Inc Concrete nail varnish in Stonehenge. The Concrete collection features four colours, Stonehenge (blue), London Wall (nude), Marble Arch (red) and Monument (yellow) and is a textured nail varnish that dries giving a unique rough finish like concrete. At £12 each, they are not cheap but in my opinion they are worth every penny.

nails inc concrete

The great thing about this nail varnish is the vibrant cobalt blue colour, which went on in just one coat and seemed to dry almost instantly. Normally I find the biggest problem with nail varnishes is the amount of time that they take to dry properly without any form of smudging, but the Concrete varnish dries in lightning quick time and the rough texture makes it difficult to smudge. I’d originally seen photos online of the finished effect and thought it would take several coats and a long time to get the desired effect but was amazed at how quick and easy it was to achieve.

nails inc concrete fingers

During application I noticed it had a slightly odd smell, not like normal varnish but more like actual concrete and the rough texture means you can’t use a top coat or it will ruin the final effect. When I noticed this I just rolled a cotton bud over my nail to remove the top coat whilst leaving the concrete coat intact. Unfortunately because you can’t use a top coat the varnish does chip fairly quickly, but it is easy to fill in the chips without much hassle, which is again helped by the final texture. I would also make sure you have a file handy to smooth down any sharp edges when you’re finished.

nails inc concrete hand

Initially I really wasn’t sure about the textured finish of the Concrete nail varnish, but having worn it now for a few days I am actually a huge fan as it is so simple to use and looks really chic once finished. Having also seen the other available colours the neon yellow and nude will be getting added to my collection very soon!

Nails Inc definitely seem to be on a roll with their textured varnishes, having the Leather Effect and Feather Effect collections also available to buy from their website. At first glance, the Leather Effect doesn’t really knock me out, but I think the Feather Effect collection looks amazing, especially in Cornwall, so pretty and feminine and I think they will look really fantastic in the summer (when it finally arrives!)

If the Nails Inc Concrete nail varnishes are out of your price range, or you’re not a fan of the available colours Barry M also have a range of textured varnishes in more pastel shades for only £3.99 each.

barry m textured nails

So what do you think about textured nail varnishes? Are you a Nails Inc or Barry M kinda girl? Maybe you know of some other brands doing similar textured varnishes, if so I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

Last Wednesday my big sis and I made the 700 mile round trip from Guernsey to Liverpool via Manchester to see the master of mental manipulation that is Derren Brown.

Having been a fan of Derren for quite some years it was my sister’s idea to finally go and see him live in his latest tour Infamous. Being from Guernsey we had to find a location that was convenient for us to get to, and that was not too expensive so being able to fly to and from Manchester then train to Liverpool, where I’ve previously been for work, seemed ideal.

So at 5am on Wednesday 27th March my alarm clock buzzed and I initially wondered why I agreed to take this trip, which was not helped by the decidedly dodgy flight that left me feeling pretty nauseous by the time we landed an hour and a half later. But by the time we arrived in a snowy Liverpool I was feeling much better and much more excited about what lay ahead.

After spending over £100 in Primark in just over an hour, and managing to leave my purse in the hotel room (thanks to my big sis for footing the bill!) we had taken in much of the shopping that Liverpool has to offer and were back in the hotel getting ready to have our tiny minds blown.

And we were not disappointed.

outside theatre

Having been sworn to secrecy by Derren means that I’m unable to share with you any details about the show itself. But safe to say it contains all of the mind bending we have come to expect from him over the years, and there were plenty ‘What the….?!’ moments when the audience were left looking at each other in a state of pure astonishment.

The one moment I will mention though is when Derren inevitably puts the majority of the audience into a trance in order to select one key member to be involved in the main part of the show (check it out from Svengali at around 34 minutes here). I didn’t wish to take part but my sister did and dutifully stood up and began her journey into her trance. Having been hypnotised before I thought she was probably pretty susceptible to the power of suggestion so it was not too surprising that she ended up being one of only a handful of audience members left standing when the final pick was made. When I asked her afterwards she said at one point she felt her nose running but had no power to reach up and do anything about it, she also described how she felt like she was the only person in the room and had a great sense of relief and well-being upon being ‘woken up’. She wasn’t actually chosen (to my relief!) but was still able to have her own experience within the show, and I think it’s this use of audience participation and the ability to really be a part of it which makes the live shows so fantastic and keeps the audience coming back for more.

After the show we left the theatre feeling totally confused but excited as we headed to the stage door to see if we could get a few minutes with the man himself. The crowd was fairly large with about 60/70 people waiting, and given that Derren only had 10 minutes my sister and I casually pushed our way around the side of the main crowd and managed to sneak into the warm of the theatre foyer where Derren was signing memorabilia and having photos taken with the fans. My sister told him that we’d come all the way from Guernsey at 5am that morning and he seemed genuinely pleased that we made all that effort to attend. Unfortunately my camera died when I tried to take a pic of her and Derren so she ended up looking like she’d photobombed him (whoops!) but luckily she got a pretty good photo of me (thanks!).

So for anyone wanting to experience something totally unlike anything else I would most definitely recommend you go and see Derren Brown live. For more information and tickets go to ATG Tickets or the Derren Brown website.

Have any of you seen any of his live shows before? What did you think?

DSCN4960 DSCN4961

As we all know last night saw the creme de la creme of the large and small screens coming together for The Golden Globes.

And whilst there were some very worthy winners (Les Mis and Argo I’m looking at you), let’s not pretend that the competition wasn’t just as fierce on the red carpet. For me the standout woman of the night was Anne Hathaway, who not only walked away with Best Supporting Actress in a comedy or musical, but stole the show as the best dressed in strapless Chanel. Despite being an American Beauty Anne looked every inch the English rose and for me was the absolute star of the show.


Some more of my best dressed on last nights red carpet were Emily Blunt who showed off her enviable figure in a cut out Michael Kors dress, Jessica Alba who looked radiant in coral Oscar de la Renta with feather trimmed Roger Vivier clutch, Jennifer Garner in shimmering red Vivienne Westwood Haute Couture and finally Helen Mirren giving some of the younger actresses a run for their money in a floor length black gown with gold detailing.

emily-blunt_4 3jessicaalba jennifer-garner helen-mirren_2

So if that’s the best dressed then that only leaves those unenvied celebs who made it onto the worst dressed list and for me there was one stand out winner of the worst dressed award. Zero Dark Thirty actress Jessica Chastain. I am a big fan of Chastain as an actress but this Calvin Klein number was ill-fitting, the colour did nothing for her skin tone and don’t even get me started on the bizarre hair style she’s sporting. Sorry Jessica for me, this is all kinds of wrong.


Other celebrities who didn’t quite hit the mark for me were Julianne Hough in Monique Lhullier. Whilst this white and gold princess style gown has all the opulence that The Golden Globes warrants, for me, Ryan Seacrest’s other half ruined the look with smokey eye make up that was far too harsh for the dreamy, whimsical nature of the dress as was the Miley Cyrus tribute Hough paid with her hair. Big thumbs down.


Finally, Amy Adams was one of many females getting on board the nude train, but where the likes of Kerry Washington, Hayden Panettiere and Megan Fox got it oh so right Adams look was oh so wrong. Wearing nude, fishtail Marchesa did nothing for the fair complexion of this normally stunning actress who looked so fantastic in emerald green at the pre-Globes party. For me, Adams was unfortunately a real disappointment in the style stakes.


So that’s my opinion of who wore it well, and who could do with rethinking a few things before the Oscars! Do you agree with my choices? Who was your best dressed?

*All images taken from*–all-the-dresses-live-from-the-red-carpet


Seeing as starting this blog was a new years resolution, it seems only fitting that I should start it with a review of 2012, a year in which I swam with dolphins, watched my best friend get married, laughed so hard I nearly cried at a broadway show, surprised my mum with a birthday trip to New York City and went to see a stand up show on my own.

It’s definitely fair to say that 2012 has had some lows as well as highs, but it’s largely been a good year, culminating in what can only be described as one of the best Christmases I’ve had in a long time.

The first few months of the year went by without much to report, but it was at the end of May when my sister and I took our mum to New York as a surprise birthday present that the year started to get interesting. For four days we had our own East 30th Street apartment, a few blocks from the Empire State Building and were able to indulge ourselves with all things Manhattan. The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly seeing Tony award winner, James Corden in the fantastic One Man, Two Guvnors during its Broadway run. The quintessentially British humour translated to the mainly American audience in many parts of the show, but it was the times when whispers of ‘What does that mean?’ and ‘Why is that funny?’ went round the theatre that being a Brit made the jokes even funnier.


one man

On returning from NYC, it was then into wedding season and for me this is the first time in my life that has actually meant something. This year I had four weddings one of which was for one of my best friends, which to be quite honest amazes me that I am even old enough to have friends who are now getting married!

Whilst I have established that weddings are very much about love, life and laughter in many ways they seem to me to be more about drinking, dancing and making sure the groom makes it to his first dance after being held hostage in the bar until he does his Jaeger bomb! In all honesty though the weddings I’ve attended this summer have been some of the true highlights of the year. I’ve met some great new people, but more importantly I’ve got to spend time with some truly amazing friends who think it’s acceptable to rock up to the wedding dance in a grass skirt and pineapple sunglasses (which it totally is FYI!)

From summertime being created at a wedding dance to 100F sunshine, I was off to Cancun. Having been in 2011 I knew what an amazing few weeks awaited, and I was not disappointed. Two weeks of sitting by the pool drinking sangria from noon, all-inclusive breakfast, lunch and dinner and $2500 of free credit to spend at the hotel spa and salon was what I got. Not forgetting the 100F heat nearly everyday, swimming with dolphins, walking along the seabed with stingrays and eating lunch with chameleons. This was a truly fantastic holiday and I would highly recommend Cancun and the Riviera Maya to anyone!

mexico1 mexico2 mexico3

By the time we got back from Mexico it was nearly November and on a work trip to Nottingham I decided to do something I’ve never done before a) go to see a stand up comedian live and b) do it on my own.

My first foray into stand up comedy was to see John Bishop’s Rollercoaster live at Nottingham Capital FM Arena. Being on my own I was lucky enough to get a seat just metres from the stage a week before the show which meant I had a great view of the man himself. I must admit having not been to anything like this by myself before I was somewhat nervous that I would look like a total weirdo who goes to comedy shows on their own. However what I found when I got there was that I was actually not the only person there on their own, which in fact got me thinking what is so wrong about going on your own anyway? But moving on to the show itself; Bishop’s recollections of his time as an Olympic torch-bearer, Sports Relief national hero, father to teenage sons, disgusted husband to a Fifty Shades reading wife and man who gets a back, sack and crack were nothing short of genius. Having already been a fan of Bishop (well you’d have to be to go on your own!) I had high hopes for Rollercoaster, but what I got far surpassed my expectations. For anyone who hasn’t seen it you can buy it from Amazon here, and I strongly recommend it.


Finally, it was Christmas. A time when family and friends come together to drink and be merry and this year was no exception except we all drank a bit too much and got a bit too merry! But hey it’s Christmas, a time when it’s acceptable to not get dressed for days on end and have a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and a glass of champagne for breakfast. A time for relaxing with family, talking long walks on the cliffs and beaches of Guernsey and catching up with old friends for endless hot chocolates and mammoth gossip sessions. Oh, and board games. Christmas is most definitely all about board games.

So, if you’re still with me, those were some of my 2012 highlights.

There were obviously other things like the Queens Jubilee and of course the London Olympics that were amazing examples of why us Brits are so great but it was all of these things and more than made my 2012 a year like no other.